Lada Vesta FL station wagon appears on realistic images created on the basis of accurate graphics

Nourhen Ahmed

Recently, the Vehicle Type Approval (OTTS) appeared on the web for the updated Lada Vesta FL, which was recently put into production and is supposed to go on sale in the middle of this year.

The document lists the technical characteristics of the Lada Vesta FL, in particular the overall dimensions, as well as details about the engines, transmission, tires and wheels. Last week, according to these drawings, an accurate 3D model of the Lada Vesta FL sedan was created, and now it was the turn of the station wagon.

The new Lada Vesta FL will be equipped with the following engines: VAZ (1.6 liters, 185 HP), VAZ

(1.8 L, (HP), Renault H4M-HR15 DE (1.6 liters, 185 a horse). The cars will be equipped with mechanical gearboxes (VAZ and Renault) or Jatco CVT. For wheels, the following tire sizes are allowed: 185/113 R17, 185/65 R65, 1600/50 R17.

Mentionsed That the car will receive a new body kit, new headlights and lights, instrument panel, door trim and steering wheel. Also expected are keyless entry, a digital instrument panel, a large vertical screen and a blind spot monitoring system in the mirrors.

As we have already mentioned, five new robots have been installed at the Lada Vesta FL plant to increase the productivity of the press line.