Zed hosts the largest knowledge summit for school students in the region in cooperation with iSpark

Eh Hussein

In cooperation between Zed and iSpark, Zed Park in Sheikh Zayed City hosted the Traverse Summit – the largest summit for high school students in Egypt and the Middle East.
This cooperation aims to guide students to the appropriate academic options and prepare them for the labor market, within the framework of supporting Z Company for the strategy of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in building people by stimulating entrepreneurship programs and qualifying young people and training them in various skills.

The Traverse Summit, which has been organized annually by iSpark since 2016, has won the acceptance and interaction of many students and their families.
The summit actively contributes to shaping the awareness of young people, helping them to come up with solutions for their future, and providing them with the knowledge they need to make vital decisions about their academic and professional lives by offering workshops, training opportunities, and panel discussions with professional trainers. And experts, in addition to the presence of representatives of public, private and international universities to transfer their expertise in various fields and colleges.
Zed company managed to provide all the equipments for the success of the Traverse Summit, whether facilitating the entry of large numbers of students, hosting educational institutions participating in the event, as well as public figures, pioneers of social networking sites and influential figures in various fields such as science, art, technology, cars, and electronic sports in order to raise the level of Awareness of the labor market opportunities and requirements in these areas and other areas of the future. It spares no effort to support any efforts to support young people in any activities that would develop their skills in all fields, not just sports.

They praised the role of the Traverse Summit in providing the opportunity for high school students to communicate directly with many professionals, university professors and entrepreneurs to learn in a practical and scientific way what the labor market needs.

For his part, Mustafa Hashisha and Ahmed Al-Russian, founders of iSpark, said that school students have a lot of abilities and talents, but they always needed to expand their perceptions and integrate them into different opportunities in various fields. Different from childhood because this is what makes the student aware of his abilities and interests and more ready to choose his future. Traverse is a gateway for students to different opportunities and learn in a contemporary way and similar to the way they love to learn, making their learning journey enjoyable and more flexible and fit with their goals and ambitions.

More than 100 educational institutions participated in the summit, led by the British University (BUE), (ESLSCA), and (The Knowledge Hub) ), Canadian universities in Egypt, the University of Hertfordshire, the European University in Egypt, the Naval Academy of Science and Technology, Sinai University and dozens of English and American universities in cooperation with Fast Forward to study abroad. )

He also participated in institutions such as EGBANK and Indriver with the aim of supporting young people to achieve their goals and ambitions.

It is worth noting that the total number of parents and students who attended the summit in the past years was more than

Egyptian students from more than A different school.

Zed Corporation was keen to host the sixth edition of the Traverse Summit for this The Year of Zed Park in Sheikh Zayed City, believing and supporting the important role that the park plays Luqma in supporting students, in rehabilitating and teaching them new skills that help them to join and excel in the labor market.