The new issue (44) of Khatwat Al-Quds magazine dedicates a file about the child and music

Iman Al-Wasili

It deals with the topics of making a child leader, the culture of children’s leadership in kindergartens, the benefits and dangers of the dancing cactus game, children’s poetry and its value impact

Dr. Hassan stated Al-Bilawi, Secretary-General of the Arab Council for Childhood and Development and General Supervisor of Step magazine, said that this new issue has dedicated his file to the topic “Child and Music”, realizing the importance of this type of art for the child throughout his life, and to present through it topics that emphasize the importance of music for development and health The child psychologically, mentally and emotionally, and how music can be – practice and listening – a way towards developing his creativity and entertainment. The file included: “Music and Child Personal Development” by Dr. Rehab Ahmed Shawky, teacher at the Faculty of Education, Alexandria University, and “Music and Child Learning” by Dr. Samah Abdel-Fattah, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Early Childhood Education, Cairo University, and Education, Ethics, Music. What is the relationship? by Dr. Alia El-Araby at the University of Sfax in Tunisia, “The World of Music in the Child’s Picture Book” by the plastic artist Rasha Mounir, and “Teach your children music in your homes” by the Syrian writer Sana Tarazi.

The issue also included a group of articles: : “Making a Leader Child” by Saudi researcher Hessa Matar Al-Ghamdi, “Distribution of the culture of entrepreneurship in kindergarten” by Dr. Rachid Ibn Al-Taybi, Professor of Education at Mohammed V University in Morocco, and “The Dancing Cactus Game: Benefits and Harms” by Dr. Khaled Salah Hanafi, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Education Alexandria University, and “Children’s Poetry and its Value Impact” by the Syrian researcher Alaa El-Din Hassan. The activities and performances, which are the “Healthy School Meals File for the Morning Period” by Clinical Nutrition Consultant Dr. Hala Askar, the activity “Make … Play .. Learn (Finger Puppets)” by Yemeni artist Saddam Al-Adla, and reading an analysis of the story collection “Suha and the Sunflower” presented by Dr. E Omaima Jado, as well as a presentation of the symposium “Metaverse: Concepts and Implications” organized by the Arab Council for Childhood and Teenager May in January 2022.

In an appendix to the magazine came a children’s story entitled “My Super Hero” by the writer Hijrat Al-Sawy, drawn by the artist Mustafa Barshoumi, and on the back cover the poetry of “My Pen” by the Syrian poet

Due to the Corona pandemic, and in response to the precautionary measures and measures taken by most countries of the world, the magazine authority decided to issue this issue electronically, and made it available on the portal of the Arab Council for Childhood and Electronic Development via this link :

The magazine will be completed in its next issue (2411 ) The “Child and Music” file, and welcomes the publication of articles and experiences of educational practitioners (parents, teachers, and those interested in childhood in our Arab world).

It is mentioned that the step of a scientific journal concerned with the early childhood stage from the age of 0-8 years, spreading enlightened educational thought to and from practitioners and those concerned with the early childhood stage and developing positive trends Raising children in the Arab world, according to a developmental human rights approach in light of the requirements of the knowledge society. It is issued by the Arab Council for Childhood and Development.

The magazine has an advisory, scientific and editorial board that includes elite Arab expertise in the fields of childhood and development.