Abu Qir participates in the 28th International Fertilizer Forum. Abu Al-Maati “For Businessmen”:

The Abu Company actively participated in Qir Fertilizers and Chemical Industries in the International Fertilizers Forum 14 In addition to companies of Arab and foreign countries and competing Egyptian companies

Engineer Saad Abu Al-Maati said on the sidelines of the opening of the exhibition and the heads of major fertilizer companies, the exhibition accompanying the forum, And the company’s pavilion is that Abu Qir Fertilizers Company achieved outstanding results during the first half of the current fiscal year 2021/2022

Abu Al-Maati revealed to “Businessmen

“The financial indicators of Abu Qir Fertilizers Company indicate that the company achieved activity revenues of LE 6.2 billion during the first half of the current fiscal year 2021/2022). compared to activity revenues of 4 billion pounds for the same period, an increase of 55%. Profits before tax amounted to 4.1 billion pounds, compared to 1.7 billion pounds during the previous period Thala, with an increase of 135%. Abu Al-Maati added, the company achieved a net profit after The tax was 3.2 billion pounds, compared to 1.5 billion pounds during the same period, with an increase of 115%. This is with the company’s full commitment to implement what came in the Cabinet’s decision to hand over to the agricultural associations / the Ministry of Agriculture 55 percent of the company’s entire production at the prices set by the state (subsidized prices) in addition to selling 10 percent of the company’s production to the local market at free prices and the rest For export.

Abu Al-Maati attributed the reason to the wise policy pursued by the company’s management in the proper and safe operations, the periodic maintenance of equipment, and the continuous replacement and renewal of factories, which led to raising the maximum production capacity of factories, in addition to the diversity of products and the improvement in export prices in addition. The company’s management should follow a flexible marketing policy that led to exporting to most countries of the world at competitive prices, in addition to managing the company’s financial portfolio in a professional manner. financial and economic ones that led to achieving distinct returns in addition to transforming the company into digital, which in turn led to the provisions of control