The Institute of Management Accountants and Misr University for Science and Technology cooperate to offer the Certified Management Accountant certificate

Eman Al-Wasili

Egypt, March 2022: The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) and “Misr University for Science and Technology” signed a memorandum An understanding that aims to promote academic, educational and professional initiatives for students in the Arab Republic of Egypt, according to which the university offers “Certified Management Accountant” (CMA) programs to students and workers in the fields of accounting and finance in the region. For about 50 years, the Certified Management Accountant Certification has maintained its position as a global standard for management accountants and financial experts.
The memorandum of understanding highlights the benefits that students can achieve through this cooperation, and comes within the framework of the institute’s continuous efforts to build close partnerships with the higher education sector and bridge the skills gap between Graduates and enhance their readiness for the job market. The memorandum of understanding also contributes to improving the educational experiences of students and youth working in the fields of finance and accounting, by enabling them to access the expertise and modern facilities owned by both sides. The Certified Management Accountant Certification Program is an advanced global standard for workers in the fields of accounting and finance; It covers a broad range of exceptional knowledge and skills that include financial planning, performance and analytics, strategic financial management, and other skills needed by organizations and companies around the world. In this context, Hanadi Khalifa, Director of Operations for the Middle East, Africa and India at IMA, said: “We are pleased to sign this partnership with Misr University for Science and Technology, the first private university to be established in the Arab Republic of Egypt. In light of the prestigious position that the university enjoys in the region in terms of academic excellence, this cooperation comes to contribute to enhancing the impact of these core values ​​and ensuring the benefit of students and young cadres in the country. Through this agreement, we aim to provide students, youth and entrepreneurs with the opportunity to acquire international qualifications that advance their future career prospects, and allow both institutions to expand their programs for graduate students.” For his part, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Omar, President of Misr University for Science and Technology, said: “We are pleased to cooperate with the Institute of Management Accountants, one of the largest and most prominent institutions that focus on advancing the profession of management accounting. Today, this agreement establishes a new path for our university in the fields of management accounting, and will complement our distinguished academic standards, and that our students’ obtaining this prestigious certificate will contribute to enhancing their reliability and their chances of achieving greater income and joining the ranks of senior management. This partnership comes to establish a new standard for cooperation between the college and institutions of the public and private sectors, and paves the way for new opportunities to advance the capabilities and capabilities of our faculty members and students alike.” Within the framework of the agreement, the Institute of Management Accountants is committed to providing ten scholarships for the CMA program to outstanding students at Misr University for Science and Technology, and the two institutions will work to support and enhance various research programs for faculty members.

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