Khazna Company showcases its services and advanced solutions to develop the financial technology sector in Egypt

Iman Alwasili

Providing Khazna application services to employees and workers through contracts with major companies and institutions that employ more than one million Egyptians

Omar Saleh: The conference represents an opportunity to present Egyptian experiences In the field of financial technology

Khazna strategy aims to empower citizens outside the scope of Bank coverage with distinguished financial technology services to enhance financial inclusion mechanisms and contribute to accelerating the process of transition to a cashless society

Cairo, 6 March 2022: Khazna Company, which is specialized in electronic financial solutions, and a pioneer in the field of financial technology in Egypt, participated in the “Al-Ahram First Financial Technology” conference, which is organized under the auspices of the Central Bank of Egypt, with the participation of ministries Finance, communications and information technology, and the public business sector, in the framework of supporting the state’s vision to build a smart society and digital economy through the implementation of an advanced strategy for digital transformation in various sectors of the state.

Within the activities of the conference, Khazna Company participated in a discussion session entitled “Electronic Payments, Service Development and Innovation Support”. The session was moderated by Eng. Omar Saleh, CEO and founder of Khazna Company, and in the presence of Eng. Ihab Nasr – Deputy Governor of the Central Bank Assistant for Payment Systems, Mr. Faraj Abdel Hamid – Vice Chairman and Managing Director of The United Bank, and Mr. Omar Al Moataz – Director The new products, solutions and payment platforms of MasterCard Egypt, Dr. Ayman Ismail – Founding Director of the American University Business Incubator, and Engineer Ahmed El Shahat – Head of Information Systems Sector at MTS. The participants in the session discussed many topics, including digital transformation, access to a cashless society, promoting digital electronic payments, developing government services and converting them into digital services, among others.

M. expressed. Omar Saleh, CEO and founder of Khazna, expressed his pride in participating in the activities of the first Al-Ahram Technology Conference and managing the discussion session “electronic payments, service development and innovation support”, stressing that the conference provides an opportunity to present Egyptian experiences in the field of financial technology, as Egyptian companies working in the field of technology are distinguished

He explained that digital transformation has become an essential pillar for societies to build their renaissance and achieve their national vision, as the Egyptian government is now working hard to establish the “new republic” that is based On a digital economy based on a highly powerful and fast technological infrastructure, to keep pace with work systems and global developments. Recently, the financial technology market in Egypt has flourished greatly in terms of the use of electronic payment applications, which have made a great change in the lives of Egyptians in terms of financial transactions.” Responsibility to strive and work to be part of this transformation, as the strategy of Khazna Company aims to empower citizens – outside the scope of banking coverage – with distinct technological financial services, to enhance the mechanisms of financial inclusion and contribute to accelerating the process of transformation into a cashless society. Hence, we launched the Khazna application, which works to meet the needs of citizens, which is represented in the withdrawal service provided from the due part of the salary to meet the needs of employees, in addition to the services of paying bills through the application and purchasing through the merchant network to contribute to the transformation into a cashless society.

Saleh added: “We are now working on developing a large number of services in partnership with major banks and companies to provide many financial services to users via smart phones, in order to provide simple and convenient services that help users and achieve financial security. And spreading the electronic financial culture without pressure or burdens to provide the best customer experience.”

It is worth noting that the conference witnesses the participation of a group of specialists, experts and officials in the areas of monetary policy, digital transformation, financial inclusion, and elite Among the heads of major banks operating in Egypt and the banking sector, heads of electronic payment and financial technology companies, communications and information technology, in addition to experts and specialists in the field of electronic payments, payment cards, smart cards, and all digital services that It is the basis for the new republic that Egypt stands on its threshold with the move to the new administrative capital built according to the latest technologies and based on advanced digital applications and services.