Careem Egypt announces a new set of initiatives and features

Aya Hussein Careem Egypt, the leading online platform in technology and participatory transportation services, announced the A new set of initiatives and features that provide more support to Captains at the beginning of the year 2022. This came out of its constant keenness to provide all means that help the captains working for it and in order to help them achieve more profit while upgrading the services they provide to a wide range of clients.

The new features include an increase in the cash limit for captains with the possibility of Payment is made through several payment methods including Fawry, Meeza, and smart wallets in addition to bank transfers, allowing the Captains to take longer to take more trips according to the highest quality standards with easier payment methods. Careem Egypt also decided to reduce the waiting period for captains for customers to five minutes for all flights. The company also provided the possibility of changing the governorate in which the captains work easily and without the need to register again in the other governorate, and that To facilitate the work of captains in various governorates and cities without the need to do a lot of procedures, allowing them more job opportunities throughout the Republic. In the interest of effective and continuous communication between the company and the captains, Careem Egypt decided to launch a dedicated page On Facebook for the captains and everything related to them of new services and features, which increases the interaction between the company’s management and the captains, while giving them the opportunity to express their opinions and ideas in one place that brings them together with the company. Haitham Essam – Director The General of Careem Egypt commented on these initiatives: “We always strive to provide all means that would support the captains, as they are our partners in success, and that is why we were keen, at the beginning of 2022, Let me offer more advantages to our captains after we heard their opinions and suggestions in the past period, in order to encourage them to perform their work better and help them increase the number of trips they take and thus increase their profits.” Captain Mowaffaq – Uhud The captains who have been with Careem Egypt for years: “I would like to thank Careem Egypt, first for providing suitable job opportunities for a large number of individuals, and secondly for the continuous support that the company used to provide us. For example, the company offers us incentives that are goals that can be reached, and we get a very rewarding financial return when we achieve those goals.” On the other hand, Captain Omar – one of the captains working on the company’s platform said: “ Increasing the cash limit is a very important factor in order to provide more time to focus on work and make the largest number of trips with the highest standards of quality, the frequent stopping of the program and getting out of the car frequently to pay off the debt leads to a significant disruption in work, in addition to the advantage of reducing the waiting period for customers to become Five minutes, because it saves a lot of time and effort for the captain, and gives him the opportunity to make more trips.”

Careem Egypt pays special attention to the captains working with it from all sides and offers them many events to reward them for the great role they play The last of which was the big annual ceremony organized by the company to honor 2019 of its distinguished captains.

Careem Egypt is keen to provide suitable job opportunities for different categories of the Egyptian people, including women and youth, as the company was able to provide more than 2022 ,0009 A job opportunity up to a year , an increase of more than 5 times over a year 2022, according to the report on the social and economic impact of Careem In the Egyptian market, which was prepared by “Oxford Economics” – the leading global research institution, to shed light on the company’s most prominent contributions on the economic and social levels.