Mohamed El-Taher, President of the Arab Fertilizer Association: Green Ammonia “one of the most important upcoming solutions and fuel for the rural future

Books: Fathy Al-Sayeh 181919

M. Mohamed Taher Hawayen, President of the Arab Fertilizers Union, said that the fertilizer industry represents a main entrance to the agricultural sector and is indispensable for achieving sustainable agricultural development, eliminating the food gap and achieving food security, in the context of seeking to find and achieve the necessary solutions. To solve the issue of food security, plant nutrients (fertilizers) are one of the important ways to support plants and soil and enhance agricultural production needed to bridge the food gap. Al-Taher added that the African continent has high agricultural capabilities in terms of soil and water resources, if the necessary conditions are met for the establishment of well-studied agricultural projects aimed at meeting the needs of the growing population, Arab and global, with a focus on the western part of Africa. We find many opportunities that can be invested in order to produce food and enhance the cause of food security, and with what it has The Arab region has the productive capacities of mineral fertilizers, and others. We need to expand to open new horizons that depend mainly on the Arab fertilizer industry and the vast lands with rich and diverse soils in Africa, in light of the low consumption rates of fertilizers in our Arab region, especially in light of the erosion of agricultural land. With the high rates of hunger and the increasing demand for food. Issues that should not be overlooked, for several reasons, including the impact of this change on the agricultural sector and thus agricultural productivity, to widen the food gap whenever this important sector is affected, and here comes the role of clean and renewable energy to reduce harmful emissions so that “green ammonia” is one of the most important Coming solutions and fuels for the near future, which we will discuss together in the program of the twenty-eighth forum, with the participation of a group of international specialists in the program of the second day. The forum will also include specialized lectures on fertilizer policies, and the factors that affect this industry. There will be an overview of global supply and demand markets, and expectations that will occur for oil and gas, which greatly affect the fertilizer market, as well as a special focus on the fertilizer market in Africa, and the great development that has occurred in this market, in addition to providing models to guide Arab companies to contribute to the development of agriculture. in African countries, in addition to an important axis dealing with the sustainable development of the fertilizer industry and ensuring Arab and global food security. 181919