The Acting Minister of Health announces new controls for vaccination against the Corona virus

Aya Hussein

Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and in charge of The Minister of Health and Population, the completion of updating the regulations for immunizing citizens with anti-Coronavirus vaccines. The second of the anti-Coronavirus vaccines has become available in any vaccination center, without linking to a specific center. It was decided to make vaccination with the booster dose available in any vaccination center, unless the citizen received a letter stating that he should go to a specific center. Vaccination with the booster dose for those over the age of

one year, will be 3 months after the date of receiving the last dose, while the booster dose is for less than

a year after 6 months.

The Minister noted that, according to the results Several scientific studies, it was decided to obtain the booster dose for those who received the “Johnson” vaccine after Only two months from the date of vaccination.