Hassan Ghanem: At the first Al-Ahram Financial Technology Conference session

Books: Iman Al-Wasili and Fathi Al-Sayeh

Hassan Ghanem, Chairman and Managing Director of the Housing and Development Bank, said that the Egyptian state has witnessed a real leap in digital transformation, building digital Egypt, and integrating technology into all details of life, by taking advantage of the information and communication revolution. It is among the many applications of modern technology, which has made the world a small village thanks to the huge potential it provided, especially with regard to the rapid transfer and exchange of information and data.

He added that the Egyptian government and the Central Bank had developed a clear and integrated strategic plan towards transformation into a cashless society that deals digitally in all areas. aspects of life, by strengthening and developing the information and communication technology infrastructure, expanding the provision of mechanized services, and improving services
, noting that the implementation of digital transformation has become an urgent necessity now more than ever. He went on, especially in light of the rapid development the world is witnessing in the use of technology and information, stressing that the government has made important strides in implementing the projects of the unified automated system for digital transformation, which it is heading towards with deliberate and integrated steps aimed at developing government services and facilitating the lives of citizens in all walks of life.

He added that in light of the policies and directions of the Central Bank of Egypt, digital transformation has become one of the most important investment areas for banks in the long run. The near and far is no longer a kind of luxury, but has become an essential part of its work to achieve the aspirations of its current customers, and the transition to the digital economy carries many opportunities and challenges. The digital transformation of the banking sector has provided huge opportunities for banks to achieve their strategic goals and improve their performance with higher efficiency, which will have a payoff. Strong and positive on profits, and digital transformation contributes significantly to supporting the rapid turnover of funds within banks, in addition to enhancing financial inclusion through Attracting a new type of customers that did not deal with banks before, and we enjoy strong support from the Central Bank, as the Central Bank took the initiative to issue the rules governing the provision of electronic payment services, to facilitate citizens in making their payments electronically, and to raise the rates of their use of electronic services in an easy and safe manner, and to contribute In spreading digital financial culture. The Central Bank recently launched several unprecedented initiatives to activate electronic payment. Ghanem pointed out that there is a qualitative leap for banking services through modern applications of financial services technology and electronic payment systems that are developing day after day in order to expand their use with the increase in security rates and the safety of information and data, pointing out that the efforts of the National Payments Council and the efforts of the state The various digital transformation has given a strong impetus to the banking sector to develop plans and strategies for developing electronic financial services and to proceed with their implementation within a short period. He said that digital transformation comes on the list of priorities of the Housing and Development Bank, in implementation of the digital transformation plan and in line with the strategy of the Central Bank in this field by supporting and motivating the use of electronic payment methods, and the bank’s belief in the importance of expanding the use of electronic payments and the transformation into a cashless society. Where we pay great attention to financial inclusion, aiming to integrate groups that have not previously dealt with the banking system, and include them within the banking system.

Ghanem added that the Housing and Development Bank He went through a successful experience before the emergence and spread of the Corona virus, and it was the first step of the digital transformation plan, and one of the biggest challenges we face was the accumulation of bank customers and increasing their numbers in branches to pay installments and reserve units, so a plan for digital transformation was developed and implemented, and the first step was to establish a website to reserve units electronically. Then, launching the electronic wallet and including the service of paying the installments of housing units among its services, and contracting with providers of electronic payment services, to facilitate customers in paying their installments online, and to reduce the burden on branch workers, to provide a better level of service to customers, and indeed we succeeded in transferring 2022 % of those who pay housing installments for online payment.

He added that in continuation of the bank’s experience with the digital transformation plan, the bank has set ambitious plans towards this transformation and keep pace with the efforts of the state and the directions of the Central Bank. The Housing and Development Bank has provided different and competitive electronic services to customers, represented in the Internet banking, mobile banking and e-wallet. Run and activate the QR Code mechanism through the electronic wallet, and to ensure the development and provision of distinguished services in these applications, the second phase of Internet and mobile banking services has been launched, which allows our customers to more than

A direct service to facilitate customers through these applications, such as transferring money inside and outside the bank, opening online accounts, linking new certificates, managing The customer’s card, credit card debt payment, and many other services, in addition to the bank’s pumping of large investments to develop these applications and modernize the technological infrastructure and provide it with the latest digital systems, in order to publish a plan to automate payments in accordance with the strategy of the Central Bank of Egypt.20220307
Hassan Ghanem continued that, in accordance with the directions of the Central Bank, the Housing and Development Bank was one of the first banks that The state’s salaries were disbursed through Egyptian government cards (a feature), which allows customers to use them to make all payments at any time, in addition to disbursing and depositing funds, and the first agency contracted with it was the Ministry of Finance Followed by the Ministry of Education, the Egyptian Endowments Authority, the Urban Communities Authority, and other bodies, in order to train and encourage citizens to use bank cards to achieve a culture of financial inclusion, and to transform into a cashless society, noting that the bank intends to launch instant money transfer services within a year 125719, in addition to implementing several other systems that facilitate the performance of banking services digitally for our customers during the current year.