With the participation of 4 countries, the Robotics Industry Championship kicks off in the new city of El Alamein

The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport in the new city of El Alamein hosted the events of “The International El Alamein Robotics Championship” organized by the Academy of Scientific Research in cooperation with the Creativity Complex in Borg El Arab represented by the Etisal Association, the Egyptian-Japanese University of Science and Technology, and the International University of El Alamein During the period 3 – 5 March.


The tournament was held under the auspices of Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, with the participation of 4 countries, namely Egypt, Jordan, Algeria and Bolivia, and it includes 5 international competitions with the participation of more than

A team, which is the International El Alamein Robotics Championship, the competition for self-driving submarines, the challenges of underwater robots, the Metal Monsters Cup for combat robots, and the minesweepers competition, and an exhibition of robotics projects will also be held on the sidelines of the events. 2030

Engineer Muhammad Al-Bitar, Director of Robotics Programs at Burj Al Arab Creativity Complex, said: Our role is to organize the first session of the Science Championship The International Conference on Robotics, which is organized by the Academy of Scientific Research in cooperation with the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport and the Innovation Complex in Borg El Arab represented by Etisal Association, the Egyptian-Japanese University of Science and Technology, and El Alamein International University, reflects full belief in the importance of maximizing the benefit of Egyptian human cadres, technical expertise and innovative energies at Students in promoting one of the most important future industries influencing sustainable development. In addition, we believe that the tournament is a golden opportunity to attract global attention to international conference tourism in new cities that have high logistical capabilities and excellent preparations that qualify them for global competition.” 2030

He added: “The categories participating in the tournament are both students. Outstanding schools or universities have a golden opportunity to gain access to all the tools that will open up new research and scientific horizons for their innovative ideas, in addition to acquiring technical skills that achieve the desired training and development in technical skills, especially since this vision we seek is one of the The main axes on which the Egyptian state’s vision is based in the optimal utilization of the innovative energies of the Egyptian and Arab human energies.

He explained: “The competitions participating in the tournament set a great example in harnessing the use of modern technology such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, big data and others in achieving sustainable development goals. Pointing out that the tournament is one of the largest regional events to be held annually, with the aim of raising awareness of the future of robotics technology for professionals in the Middle East and North Africa, as it is scheduled to include a number of competitions, digital entertainment shows, and a forum for exchanging experiences in the field of robotics.” .

from his side, Engineer Ahmed Mazloum, Marketing Director of Burj Al Arab Creativity Complex, said: “We are fully aware of the capabilities of young human cadres in the so-called culture of technical innovation that has strengthened its position after the successive global changes in recent years, specifically after the different requirements of markets in response to what was imposed by the Covid pandemic 19, and the International Robotics Championship is scheduled to be based on achieving 3 main axes of Egypt’s vision for sustainable development, which include: Highlight Achieving the well-being of societies and contributing effectively to increasing economic growth, improving the lives of citizens, and enhancing resilience and the ability to face natural hazards. He added: “The robotics industry is receiving special care after the issuance of many international indicators that confirm that robots will eliminate million jobs in medium and large-sized companies during the next five years, while the European Research Center expected the boom in the robotics market in the world to reach a billion

Euros by

». He concluded his speech by stressing that the robotics industry in the Arab region still needs more government support, which has started to take its first steps clearly in a number of Arab countries, most notably Egypt, which seeks to consolidate this industry on The regional level, in addition to strengthening the role of the business sector in consolidating the principles of scientific research and directing it to investment in the robotics industry, which the World Economic Forum predicted would eliminate about

million jobs in companies medium and large size during the next five years.”