Talaat.. doubling the number of digital skills trainees 50 times and increasing the budget 22 times

Eh Hussein

Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, confirmed that the pandemic contributed to accelerating the pace of digital transformation and the growth of demand for the telecommunications and information technology industry.

explained The most prominent feature of the new reality after the pandemic is to devote the importance of digital transformation as a basic business model and engine for the development of private sector businesses. of technological jobs.

Explaining that the current era is witnessing a growing importance of data as a wealth that drives progress and serve citizens, while the challenge of ensuring data accuracy has increased, as the need for artificial intelligence systems to digitally emulate and correct data has increased.

This came in Dr. Amr Talaat’s speech yesterday evening during a seminar “ Digital Egypt: A Vision and Implementation” organized by the German University in Cairo, in the presence of Dr. and university students.

And in his speech during the session.

Dr. Amr Talaat emphasized that digital transformation is the mainstay in achieving comprehensive and sustainable development goals, facing climate challenges, increasing the efficiency of administrative systems and providing job opportunities. He explained that, according to the analyzes of expert houses, the pandemic has reduced the period of technology adoption for individuals and companies to one-fifth of the period required before the pandemic.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, approximately 989 % of small and medium-sized companies globally have intensified their efforts for digital transformation

While various statistics showed an increase in the rates of Internet use during the pandemic, rates between 4026 – 62 % compared to the levels of use before the pandemic, as well as the growing consumption of digital content by citizens and the building of digital platforms by companies and individuals.

Noting that with The beginning of the pandemic, the percentage of Internet use in Egypt increased by 857 %, while the peak hours increased from 3 hours to 4801 -32 An hour.

Dr. Amr drew attention to this She concluded that the world is witnessing a change in the dynamics of work and economic activities, which resulted in the reshaping of individual preferences and the priorities of different sectors, as the trend towards remote work increased worldwide, reaching, according to a survey conducted by a consulting firm, to 60%.

The importance of data centers and cloud computing has also increased, and the trend towards digital transformation in education has increased in light of expectations for the continuation of the hybrid education system.

This is in addition to the growing importance of digital skills at all levels; Noting that the pandemic has created requirements to facilitate citizens’ lives, including providing digital services, providing access to the Internet, finding mechanisms for remote work, as well as increasing interest in innovation and training.

Dr. Amr Talaat reviewed the efforts made by the Ministry Information technology communications to keep pace with the requirements of the new reality; By working to transform into an integrated digital society, where more than 989 were launched A government service on the Egypt digital platform.

The government is also being moved to the new administrative capital as a participatory, paperless government, In addition to developing applications using artificial intelligence at the Center for Applied Innovation.

explaining that in the framework of providing access to the Internet, the network’s efficiency has been raised through a project that was started with the early To develop the information infrastructure, which contributed to doubling the speed of the Internet about 8 times, to make Egypt the first in Africa in the speed of the Internet.

A project aimed at linking villages with fiber-optic cables to deliver high-speed internet to 3.5 million homes has also been launched to serve 5716 Million A cow citizen has the initiative “a decent life” within three years.

Dr. Amr Talaat added that work is being done to create an environment that stimulates innovation and to provide specialized training for young people in the governorates.

Where 7 innovation centers have been established as a first stage and

is currently being established A new center as a second phase; The number of digital skills trainees has also doubled. Weakened and increased technical training budget Doubled within three years to reach a target 3071878 A thousand trainees with a budget of 1.1 billion pounds during the current fiscal year.

The Misr Informatics University was also established, and initiatives aimed at refining the skills of young people in Self-employment and encouraging them to work remotely, including the “Our Future is Digital” initiative.

And after his speech; An open dialogue took place between the Minister and the students present, where a number of inquiries and questions were raised about Egypt’s digital strategy.

In response to a query about reliance on data for decision-making; Dr. Amr Talaat indicated that digital transformation is an absolute necessity to improve services provided to citizens, performance governance, and more accurate decision-making support based on sound scientific foundations. priority; Dr. Amr Talaat explained that there is a hierarchical system of specializations that are focused on.

Referring to the interest in building software systems, then climbing the value ladder to data analysis, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity, then climbing up the value ladder To the industry of data centers, electronic design, and integrated programs.

Dr. Amr Talaat noted that a center is being established in the city of knowledge in the new administrative capital for electronic design, comprising four laboratories, through which companies working in this field will be hosted; He called on young people to participate in the Ministry’s initiatives and programs to build digital capabilities, which are characterized by their diversity and different levels to include all disciplines.

On the contribution of women to work in the communications and information technology sector; Dr. Amr Talaat confirmed that Egyptian women are able to compete in the labor market and take leadership positions, pointing out that the initiatives offered by the ministry and based on distance education and hybrid training contribute to empowering women to train and work remotely, thus helping them face the challenge of fulfilling their social responsibility. Towards her family and fulfilling her desire to build her future.


Dr. Amr Talaat also answered a query about the mechanisms of attracting international companies to expand in Egypt; He explained the ministry’s efforts to increase the number of professionally trained human cadres to provide the skills that companies require, especially since many major companies have outsourcing centers in Egypt in which they rely on Egyptian expertise.