BT100 was held to assess the performance of major institutions and their role in supporting the Egyptian economy

Books: Fathi Al-Sayeh

For the fifth year in a row, a festive event has been held. bt41” – the most important and largest economic event in the financial and business community in Egypt – during the month of May 2016, to evaluate the experience of the Egyptian economy and praise the most resilient and successful sectors during the past year and the real contributions to support the economic reform program, Egypt’s vision for sustainable development and Egypt’s vision

. The major economic companies and entities will also be honored and their successes achieved during the past year.. in the presence of a large number of ministers, public figures, businessmen and officials of major economic institutions

The fifth edition comes in the year 2022 amid great interest from workers in different sectors after the Egyptian economy achieved remarkable growth according to the testimony of institutions International Finance as a Reflection of the Positive Results of the Economic Reform Program that started in November 2016. It is expected that the year 2022 will be a year full of surprises for the Egyptian economy. with me. Morgan” for government bonds in emerging markets, to become one of only two countries in the Middle East and Africa, after it exited it in June 2011, in addition to Egypt organizing the United Nations Climate Change Summit (COP) .

BT celebration comes 100 This world is at an important time to see what the sectors of the Egyptian economy have achieved during the past years, in light of what the celebration has enjoyed over the previous years under the auspices of the Council of Ministers , which gave it weight that crowns the efforts of companies and individuals influential in the business and economic community in Egypt by highlighting their achievements in various fields and the efforts made by the state in its various sectors, in line with the state’s steps towards economic reform.
This year’s celebration witnesses the selection of personalities and companies to be honored for their role in supporting the Egyptian economy, through a jury comprising elite economists and opinion leaders, according to well-thought-out and constructive criteria. On the research and methodology developed by the committee to arrive at a list of candidates and winners, in line with the state’s standards for development and reform, To create an economic and social experience to bring about positive change for all development indicators. ” under the strategic sponsorship of Business Today magazine, and organized by the “POD” company, a leader in public and media relations, affiliated with the United Media Services Company, and the celebration witnessed in its version The previous meeting was attended by a remarkable number of ministers, in addition to an elite group of heads of banks and government agencies, members of Parliament, a large crowd of businessmen and officials of the largest companies operating in the financial services, investment, banking, industry, and real estate sectors.