Sobhi’s successful bet… YLY, the most successful arm of the ministry ••• Kamal Amer, editor-in-chief writes…

> The Minister of Youth bet on the youth and succeeded in creating a number of youth entities that support the Egyptian state and support its plans in building the society

> Sobhi also gathered efforts and developed a new strategy for building the Egyptian state, socially, culturally and politically. He relied on the youth and a personal and public rehabilitation agenda. The existing platforms of the Ministry and the Ministry to integrate youth and public life
>In the agenda for the development and work of cadres and trainers, Sobhi chose 1,500 young men and women members of youth centers from among the students of the Universities. From the capacity bank records for diversified training to become trainers or the link between the ministry and youth…. >> We understand the clear development and modernization of all features of work, but rather the course of life in general. >> I am well aware that the youth movement in Egypt is moving with a highly developed dynamic, and has succeeded with the state in working as partners whose title is “trust” and the content is based on the rehabilitation of the youth, its present and its future. > On its part, the state and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.. Since there is a sincere desire to provide all help in every form and strength to the youth movement.. 2487111066 > Here, the Ministry saw the necessity of attracting new partners.

>The Minister of Youth, in turn, was convinced that the time required for the development of those in charge of the work was limited, and there Necessity – in order to implement programs and plans, meet work challenges, formulate and implement For future plans – >The necessity here is to find a youth movement capable of formulating the goals and programs required to complete rehabilitation and character building plans by providing them with all that is required To confront development and integration with its vocabulary and goals in the service of the youth and the country.

>>>>>>>> 2487111066 Ok, what did Dr. Ashraf Sobhi do to bridge the gap between what is required to develop ministerial cadres and ensure the implementation of programs and initiatives launched by the state as a service to society or the minister as completing a role or from within the youth movements themselves.. 12674065 Hence his initiative, which he launched, defended, bet on and succeeded:

2487111066 // Youth – Manage – Youth .. Sobhi Initiative

1- To attract young people to the ministry, 2 – contact ring Between the youth’s ideas and the Ministry’s plans, 3- Developing voluntary awareness and spreading it among university youth and attracting the largest possible number, 4- Creating a platform to discover talents, 5- Promoting competencies within Sobhy’s plans through the Capacity Bank, 6- Feeding the Ministry’s departments with young talents, 7- Effective contribution to the agenda of building the state. 8- Pushing the distinguished among them to work as trainers in the activities of the central administrations.

In the Olympic Center in Maadi in a show of strength .. Shehab Gamal El-Din, founder of the largest and most powerful youth bloc from the Ministry’s arms, told me: Come see, follow, comment, criticize and encourage according to your vision

. The story………………….

The Minister of Youth and Sports at the Youth City Theater in Abu Qir two years ago invited me to attend a celebration of the YLY group, and during his speech, he asked Shihab Jamal Al-Din, the leader and coordinator of the group, to have a day for “YLY.”
I attended the meeting.. I noticed:
2487111066 1- On the ball court in the Olympic Center.. on Parties.. platforms for revealing with the masses – public relations The midfield gathered for 816 A young man and a girl from university students, members of youth centers from the governorates, and a platform for words. 2- Program The celebration – as I noticed – revolves around.. a review of the capabilities gained from the Ministry’s program for youth rehabilitation.

3 – “YLY” through my word and vision – is the formation The only one >> who defeats all the challenges that The result of the work may arise from their belief that the space given to them to move and act is sufficient to defeat any challenges.
4- I think that Dr. Ashraf Sobhy, Minister of Youth and Sports He is the first minister to open the doors and offices of the ministry in front of the youth movement, and I think that Dr. Abdel Moneim Emara was the owner of that idea and its application.. >> Sobhi here brought down barriers and defeated bridges in front of the youth, which facilitated work, and magnified the results, exhausting the leaders of the ministry!!
5- The Minister of Youth and Sports achieved the most difficult support in working with the youth movement. He succeeded in the file of attraction and participation, which led to persuasion and support, and thus understanding what is going on in Egypt. and defending the constants. >> Ashraf Sobhy in the YLY celebration, directives and opening new paths for the youth group, called for the necessity of 1- Spreading voluntary culture Among the university students’ youth centers members,
> Inventory and in-depth In the challenges facing the community surrounding youth centers..
3- Creating new platforms in the community service agenda: 4- Breaking into the challenges that confuse society and slow its development.

5- Searching for talents in various fields and establishing YLY as a group of “scouts” in this regard.

…..Olympic Center in Maadi Movement, work and achievement, and it has become the best attractive place for the sports system to use its facilities and stadiums and the youth movement in its conferences or dialogue seminars and activities..

The best place to work. Greetings to all the work leaders in the Olympic in Maadi… The Board of Trustees, Major General Mohamed Nour and Mohamed Abdel Nabi, and the dynamo of work Atef Hammouda, the executive director and the center’s employees. ()