In the presence of the Minister of the Business Sector and on the sidelines of the 28th Fertilizers Forum, memorandums of understanding were signed (Al Arabi Fertilizers and the Green Ammonia Corporation of the Netherlands NH3)

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The Arab Fertilizers Union revealed that Signing memorandums of understanding during the twenty-eighth international forum of the Arab Fertilizer Association to support the fertilizer sector

The Minister of Business, Hisham Tawfik The signing of two doctors to support the fertilizer during the second day of the Twentieth Annual International Forum. Ms. Ryan Ferend – Marketing Director. Chief Marketing Officer

The two sides agreed to set up and organize a series of joint conferences which will shed light on the developments of green ammonia and the methods of And the positives of switching to renewable and clean energy under the name EMEA Clean Ammonia Alliance (ECCA), as the two sides look forward to highlighting the developments of ammonia and green hydrogen in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and transferring these developments to the Arab region to include a series of workshops and dialogue sessions by Arab and international specialists, on the sidelines of Organization of conference activities.