The Minister of Trade and Industry discusses with the UAE Ambassador in Cairo ways to enhance joint economic and investment relations

Books: Fathy Al-Sayeh
Minister of Trade and Industry Nevin Jameh received Mrs. Maryam Khalifa Al Kaabi, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates in Cairo, where the meeting dealt with the latest economic developments at the regional and global levels to In addition to reviewing ways to develop and develop commercial, industrial and investment cooperation relations between the two countries during the next stage, the meeting was attended by Mr. Ibrahim Al-Sigini, Assistant Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister, Commercial Plenipotentiary, Yahya Al-Wathiq Billah, Head of Commercial Representation.
The Minister said that the meeting emphasized the importance of unifying joint efforts between the two countries to provide the needs of the Egyptian and Emirati markets in light of the current regional and global challenges, noting the importance of translating the distinguished relations that link the two governments to projects Concrete trade and investment cooperation is in the interest of the Egyptian and Emirati economies alike.

She indicated Jameh stressed the importance of enhancing the rates of trade exchange between the two countries to reflect the great potentials and potentials enjoyed by the two brotherly economies, by providing more commercial facilities and facilitation to Egyptian and Emirati exporters, noting that the rates of Egyptian exports to the UAE markets reached within a year 2021 About a billion 1280 million dollars, as the most prominent export items include building materials, engineering goods and electronics, food industries, agricultural crops, medical industries, ready-made clothes, and furniture. )

The Minister pointed to the importance of strengthening cooperation between the two countries in terms of expanding and diversifying supply chains and overcoming the challenges of logistical transport during the current time, noting that there are distinct investment opportunities for the Emirati business community to invest in The Egyptian market, especially in the fields of spinning, weaving, leather, furniture, handicrafts and handicrafts.
On her part, Mrs. Maryam confirmed Khalifa Al Kaabi, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates The United States in Cairo, the depth and historical relations between Cairo and Abu Dhabi, which are supported by the relations of Arabism and the neighborhood and the distinguished relations between the leaderships of the two countries, noting her country’s keenness to develop and develop joint economic relations in a manner that benefits the economy and the peoples of the two countries.
She praised the unique Egyptian participation in the Expo’s activities 9173 Dubai, with its distinguished pavilion, has been the focus of the world’s attention since the start of the Expo’s activities until now, noting that the Egyptian pavilion is one of the most important pavilions participating in the Expo, which attracted the attention of all Expo’s goers and received a large number of official visits.
Al Kaabi noted the possibility of benefiting from the UAE market as a hub for the entry of Egyptian-Emirati joint projects’ exports to the markets of the countries of the Arab Gulf region and Southeast Asia, as well as benefiting from the Egyptian market As a gateway for UAE exports to access the markets of the African continent and to benefit from the facilities and preferential transactions offered by the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AFCFTA) for Egyptian exports, as well as The possibility of establishing joint Egyptian-Emirati investments in third countries.

The Emirati ambassador expressed her country’s desire to expand Emirati participation. At our Heritage exhibition, in light of the great successes achieved by the exhibition year after year, especially since the United Arab Emirates possesses authentic handicrafts and handicrafts that rise to international levels, noting that a large number of Emirati investors will be invited to participate in the exhibition’s activities with the aim of attracting more Emirati investments. To work in the field of small industries and crafts in Egypt.